Scissor lifts

Scissors lift – a technique that is used in construction where you do not need a lifting to a significant height and there are no hard -to -reach places, but a spacious service area, a large working platform, high efficiency and carrying capacity are required.

Scissors lifts are also called Nyternberg scissors. The lifting towers and platforms of the lifts are made according to the principle of lever auspication – articulated systems. The system upstairs is equipped with a platform that is needed to raise material, tools, people.

The lifts of this type are divided into three types – self -propelled, mobile and stationary.

Self -propelled scissor lifts

Self -propelled lifts, in turn, are divided into types depending on the type of drive of the chassis. Electric motors can eat using an engine or batteries. The curtain-red device moves due to hydraulic cylinders. Control occurs through the remote controls located on the chassis and platform. Some models have a pneumatic drive running compressor. Often the set includes control handle and remote control. The site is shifted to the left and right to a distance of one meter.

Small models with an electric drive are used indoors, they are maneuverable, silent, do not have exhaust. The workplace rises to a height of 25 meters.

External work (installation, glazing, decoration, etc.) is carried out using lifts with a diesel or gasoline engine. They can raise to a height of 30 meters 200-2000 kilograms. Maneuverability is increased.

The scissor lifts are mobile

Mobile lifts have wheels, but cannot move independently, they are towed with the help of low -tonnage trucks. Several people, materials and tools can fit the work site. Equipment is operated in constrained conditions. Use such a scissory lift for repair and installation work at a significant height. It is like use in rooms with a large area and high ceiling. That is, it is a good replacement for building forests. Carrying capacity of equipment up to 2000 kg, lifting height – 25 meters.

Stationary models are equipped with a reference frame, they are used as a different type of lifting mechanism as a loader or elevator mainly in warehouses, including construction. The carrying capacity of platforms from 400 kilograms to five tons.

Scissors lifts are maneuverable, mobile, capable of moving in any position. They do not take up much space, universal, are used outside and inside the structures. Equipment is characterized by ease of management and maintenance. The technique is safe, as it is equipped with various systems that prevent an emergency stop or fall. The scissor lift is easy to deliver to the necessary place with a small -tonnage transport.