Sandbrown stained -glass windows

Sandbrown stained -glass windows are unique, and this is based on a modern special technology for processing a glass surface. Sandbrown stained -glass windows in the production of modern furniture, tables and doors of mirrors, glass and decorative partitions are very in demand.

Such stained -glass windows are created using special devices. The drawing is applied to the film thanks to these devices. Part of the surface of the glass is covered with a protective film. Under high pressure, a stream of air is served with abrasive material in a sandblasting chamber. Processed glass is removed from the sandblasting device, after which the protective film is removed. If you need to create more complex patterns, then you can allow three times the processing of the glass surface. Sandbrush makes it possible to create a huge range of works. They are able to decorate both the simplest children’s room and the official building. In order to create various patterns and paintings, it is necessary to use several types of sandblasting. You can create a continuous mattress surface. This will help flat sandblasting. In order to get a deep voluminous pattern, you need to use in -depth sandblasting stained glass windows. You can also use a bilateral sandblasting method that will help to get stained -glass drawings of various difficulties.

Sandbrown stained -glass windows can also be created on glass. As a result of this, you can get inscriptions, emblems, paintings, patterns or simply intuitive drawings that may vary in matte processing. To create such stained glass, the ideal material is the mirror. Sandbrown processing of mirrors is of particular interest. The backlight on the back of mirror samples emphasizes their special beauty and attractiveness.