Returning apartments after repair

Even during a small cosmetic repair, garbage is formed – pieces of wallpaper, packaging material, etc.D. And if the repairs are capital, or the so -called “euro”? Broken brick, dried solution, old pipes. In addition, the repair is often a good reason for changing part of the furniture, ejecting the pantry of the pantry and on the balcony of the trash for years in the room.

The cleaning of the apartment after repair will take a lot of time and labor. After all, garbage must be collected, taken out, organized its export. The variant of the garbage chute and the garbage container delivered by public utilities will not pass. According to the law, utilities organize the export and disposal of only household waste, and the residents of the apartments are required to export construction garbage themselves. Violation of this law entails administrative liability, payment of a fine, export and disposal. Therefore, it is better to do everything right at once right.

Avoid running around the necessary, having permission to remove garbage of the company, you will help you here cleaning the apartment after repairing Moscow. Employees of firms providing services such as cleaning apartments after repair will do everything at the highest level and in the shortest possible time. The representative of the company will evaluate the cost of work, familiarize you with prices and conditions. An agreement will be concluded for additional guarantees.

When ordering work such as cleaning apartments after repair, say all the details. Necessary packaging material (film, bags, boxes), removal from the apartment and loading into the vehicle, time and terms of work. The desired result should also be discussed – wet or dry cleaning of the apartment, cleanliness of the entrance, sites in front of the entrance to it, guarantees of garbage collection to an official landfill.

Everything should be issued in writing with an employee of the company – cleaning the apartment after repair Moscow.

Trust such work persons who do not have a license to export garbage. In addition to trouble, this also threatens environmental pollution. Building garbage will be dumped in the nearest forest stands.

Working organizations will take out garbage from your apartment, go down and immerse it in a special vehicle. You do not have to sweep away the entire entrance and the adjacent territory under the comments of the neighbors and worry at the sight of an employee of the communal service. The easiest way to avoid problems is not to create them.