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Renting an inexpensive office

Hello, dear readers of a real estate blog. Today the current rental of an inexpensive office in Moscow. True, it is not so easy to find an interesting offer yourself. It’s easier to look for a narrowly directed company that specializes in the search for offices for businessmen and surrender – for owners of such.  Experts will help you choose from the block of available offers. At the same time, it should be understood that there is a classification of office buildings, taking into account their features.

The best business centers relate to A-class.  Well, d is a class – this is attractive buildings from the point of view of rent. There are also correctional clarifications. More often use “+/-” or digital designation.

Criteria for setting this category:

The state of the building itself and offices

Date of construction

overlapping, doors, windows

engineering systems, their placement and general condition

air conditioners and ventilation system

the presence of elevators (more than one)

Protection in the building and offices

Type of control

The presence of a convenient denouement

Metro station located nearby

Infrastructure in the area

Practicality BC

Covered parking, underground parking

It is logical that A-class is a VIP-improving. They are already built taking into account all requirements, have a developed infrastructure nearby, convenient placement from the point of view of transport interchange and automated systems to control access to the territory.

The B-class is characterized by a lower level of comfort, but quite suitable for commercial activity. Often the buildings are not so new or less equipped.

C-class-these are premises that were not built to create a full-fledged business center. They are rented from organizations, scientific institutes, and t.D. And D is the building far from the twenty -century. who still keep the spirit of Leninism.

I think you are not mistaken when choosing an office for renting. Good luck.