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Removing spots from the walls before painting

In the instructions for any paint it is written: “Before painting, remove all the spots”. But they never write there how to do it. Each can wash off dust from the walls. Clean the walls of fat spots, felt -tip pens and ink only to a professional.


Dirt – part of everyday life. Through hands, she falls on the walls, cabinets, doors and frames. A variety of cleaners are created from such spots. Moisten their sponge and carefully so as not to damage the paint, wipe the wall.

Or try this method: mix 1 t.l. ammonia alcohol, ½ t.l. distilled water or apple cider vinegar and ¼ st.l. baking soda with a small amount of warm water. Wipe the wall with the resulting mixture and rinse them with water. The composition does not wash off the paint and does not leave the strips.


The appearance of fat is an inevitable result of cooking. He covers the walls and cabinets, attracting dust and dirt. A good dishwashing meals can get rid of it. A mixture of ¼ hours will also cope with it.l. liquid soap and 1 t. water. After processing, rinse the wall with water and wipe with a dry towel. The following recipe will help to remove persistent spots: 1/3 of st. Mix white vinegar from 2/3 of st. water.


Traces of ballpoint pens, which include oils, can be removed with foam for shaving, compounds for dry cleaning or lacquer for removing varnish. Before use, open the windows.


To clean the wall of mold, prepare the following composition: 1 h.l. white vinegar for 1l of water – and spray it to the surface. The usual washing powder will also help to cope with her.

Spots from water

After cleaning on the wall, stains may remain. The solution is this: Dilute 1 t. bleach in 1l. water and wipe the wall. Dry it thoroughly. This is necessary to prevent the appearance of the fungus and mold. If the bleach has not helped, the wall can be painted.