Reflective house address plates made of aluminum

Production process

All signs are cut out of an aluminum sheet, on top of which an oxide coating is applied. Then a special reflective film is applied, as in auto -players. This is done so that even at dusk or in the dark it could easily read the address of the house, for this the most minimum light source is enough. Materials that are used in the manufacture of targeted plates are distinguished by excellent quality and longevity. Excellent wear resistance guarantees a decent appearance of the plate for more than one decade.

Nuances and recommendations

Leaf aluminum acts as the basis of our tablets. To apply the name, the method of print or molding is used. Thus, the letters are, as it were, squeezed out on the surface of the metal sheet and become voluminous. All signs have their own fixed size and holes in each corner of a rectangular product. This is done for the convenience of attaching the address number on the wall of the building. You can fasten with self-tapping screws. The main inscription is distinguished by a font of 50 or 70 mm, the so -called additional inscription (lane, street, avenue) is applied with reduced font. If the structural features determine the finding of the address plate at a sufficient distance, then the use of 70 mm of the font will be the best, for the convenience and comfort of the address consideration. The number of letters placed on the plate is a very definite. Often it is not always possible to accommodate the whole name along with the number, in such cases you need to either reduce the name or take a larger size of the plate, or make a combination of two products – one for the name, the other for the number. If you wish to be original, then for a separate small fee you will be applied to the city of the city next to the address or logo of your company or office.

Our prices are adequate and acceptable. The price of the plate will depend on the number of letters in the name. To get more detailed information, contact the website of the company “State Duccess”