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Real estate insurance

No one has a desire to lose their own property acquired by overwhelming labor. At the same time, sometimes there are certain situations that largely do not depend on our desires with you. How can you insure your own real estate in order not to subsequently incur certain financial losses, or not lose your corresponding material compensation.

Having decided to carry out insurance of your own real estate, one should be given that insurance of the entire apartment can be carried out as entirely, also directly of its individual parts – certain items of furniture, a number of supporting structures. Experts strongly recommend in detail to pay attention to all the objects indicated in the contract in order not to get an additional disorder due to the fact that after damage to the walls for insurance, the company compensates for financial costs, but you will have to pay for wallpaper on the walls themselves. Attention should be paid to certain subtleties that are present in the transaction itself, they may not be noticed at all.

Property insurance without its inspection

The property insurance procedure is very popular now without actual inspection. This implies the signing of the contract, regardless of what can subsequently happen, and how compensation itself will be paid. Such contracts are primarily beneficial for insurance companies themselves, since they allow us to largely reduce the time to fill out and arrange all forms. That’s just here there are certain shortcomings.

Often the amount of insurance is limited to several hundred hryvnias, but the maximum amount of this insurance is about 25 thousand hryvnias.