Real estate in Ukraine

There are positive assessments about the prospects and the current situation of trading real estate in Ukraine, but they are often overstated.

So a number of experts say that in the market of trade real estate in the capital, in Kiev there is still no saturation, and experts motivate this actual evidence that the number of retail space in Kyiv per capita is much lower than in other developed European capitals. This is a fact, and the fact is the most stubborn thing in the world. However, in the economy, the analysis is always based on the registration of diverse factors. So here we must take into account that in Ukrainians the standard of living of people is really lower than in European capitals.

If you increase the number of shopping centers to European standards, then here they will be empty and will not become profitable. That is, they will not have useful trade. It is he who is a determining factor for the success of each shopping center. This analysis of the market was made by the managing partner of the Capital Times trading company Eric Nayman.

In his opinion, soon in the capital of Ukraine -Kiev by shopping centers there will be the same picture that can now be observed in business centers, when the rental rates are quickly reduced in them, since the offer on the area of ​​the area is very large, and at the same time, tenants are far away Not enough.

Many experts still see the future capital with more than today a rich real estate market.

In parallel with this in Crimea compared to 2011, when 172 hotels worked on the territory of the peninsula, in this 2012. The number of officially registered hotel facilities reached 210. That is, here they believe that the proposal gives rise to demand.

It was in 2012 that many new hotels and cottages opened in the euro tournament in Crimea. A large -scale work was carried out here aimed at identifying new hotels and real providing methodological assistance to hotel management according to the Main Directorate of Information Policy of the Council of Ministers of the ARC.

In Ukraine, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Crimea continues work to identify new hotel facilities. This instance carries out planned trips to different regions of Crimea, namely to the Black Sea and Kerch regions. According to earlier information this year, 2.9 thousand were legalized in the Crimea. objects for individual accommodation of tourists.