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Real estate in Europe?

At the present time, when the old Europe is in a fever, disputes are not silent about whether European real estate will be attractive for investment for a long time. Disputes are groundless. Experts claim that 2012 has become a year of activity for investing.  Although a lot has changed-some countries and cities faded into the background, losing the interest of investors.

Others not only did not lose value, but also put forward many profitable objects. This is evidenced by the information of a kind of guide for future investors.  What is this information useful?  The object can be seriously considered only when the settlement is actively developing. At the same time, the state is stable and enjoys the respect of other countries.

Then these investments can be considered safer than, for example, investing in rural real estate. Following is noteworthy. If there are trends in the country to improve the situation and expand infrastructure, you can’t delay. Hunters will pick up a lot and quickly.

Of the favorites, experts note Limasol in Cyprus and Istanbul in Turkey. Limasol is interesting in that the opening of a new pier for yachts will attract yachtsmen, tourists and, of course, investors.  Of course, investors will pay attention to this region. Krakow and Warsaw, at the beginning of the year were very attractive to investors. The European Championship was held here. But you will find the region for yourself. The same guide will be published next year. Therefore, the ear must be kept in and not missing a chance.