Probable reasons for the emergence

Building mixture. A lot of experts believe that heights appear on the walls due to the construction solution. And all this due to the fact that it is in the solution itself that is a very large amount of soluble salt. It turns out in this case you need to choose the correct solution. The most optimal option for laying facial bricks is the use of a ready -made dry mixture. Such a solution can be bought in packages of completely different packages in any construction market. To prepare the finished solution from this mixture, you need to add water to the desired proportion.

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Poor quality cement.

Of the many reasons for the appearance of white spots on the surface of the wall, it is not high -quality cement. So that white spots on concrete do not provide you with trouble and after not required unnecessary costs, in no case do not need to use cement that contains a lot of alkalis. The most optimal option is the use of special Portland cement. This cement does not contain such additives.

Adding lime.

A lot of people believe that heights appear on the walls due to lime. Now in the markets you can find a lot of new construction chemistry. Previously, lime was added so that the brick was stronger. That is why when buying a finished mixture from the seller, you need to ask about the composition. This will affect the manifestation of white spots on the surface.