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Prices for stretch ceilings

In recent years, suspended ceilings have been very popular, and not only in Ukraine but other countries too. And this is quite obvious and natural. With the help of such ceilings, the surface is not only aligned, and it becomes quite smooth, but it also looks very beautiful, chic, stylish and, from the point of view of everyday life, very modern. There are many different types, but more common are:

• glossy;

• matte;

• satin;

• – Photos and – art to beg.

Many different companies offer a wide range of services and excellent service:

• free departure of a technical employee;

• quality guarantee up to 12 years;

• installation of electrical wiring for free;

• Low price and high quality;

• production of products quickly and efficiently;

• installment payment is interest -free and much more.

Depending on the choice of material for a stretch ceiling (economical, elite) and the company itself (manufacturer and installer), the price policy here is mostly almost the same everywhere. The average cost of such goods – as stretch ceilings can be described like this (all “from”, “UAH.”And” M2 “):

• matte – 160;

• satin – 170;

• translucent – 220;

• lacquer – 190;

• LACK LUX – 240;

• texture, suede – 300;

• “Starry sky” – 800;

• photo printing – 500;

• multi -level – 340.

It can also be noted that the cost of the ceiling is affected by its area (the amount of profile, to which the panel will be attached to the future) and the rest of the additional complex elements (for example, various angles, the number of lamps) and another) and another. You should also know that the larger the territory of the ceiling, the cheaper the price category of a square meter. When concluding it must be said that in any case, everyone counts on their financial capabilities. You can afford this or that ceiling, you still decide!