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Plot in Vologda

Hello, dear readers of a real estate blog. Where are you my beloved, where? In Vologda, Vologda … Remember this song? I think to many lines come to mind when it comes to the river and the city with 1147 years of reason. A mighty hail with churches and domes beckons with its beauty and unusually beautiful views. Real estate is valued here. Many strive to buy land plots Vologda then will become closer and relatives … True, not everything is so simple. If you want to buy a piece of land that will be landscaped over time, then there are several key factors. It is better to pay attention to them immediately and then focus on the most important for yourself.

Buying a site – big responsibility. I advise it to divide it with realtors. They will be able to choose good options and check all the documents at once from the owners.  In addition, an experienced specialist will always tell you from communications. They are important for construction and permanent residence.  Everything will immediately become clear with the denouement of the road.  At the same time, not always, the accumulation of transport is a positive characteristic of the site.  If there is a car and the gas station is not far, then the place remote from exhaust gases will become a real paradise.

The selection of the site must be made on the proximity of social institutions, if there is a desire to settle in Vologda for good.  School, Garden, Hospital and much more will become a plus, well, their reasonable remoteness – this will also not be a huge drawback.

If the site has already been selected, then the last stroke is to clarify the placement and verification of documents. Well, after that Vologda, hello!