Plastic adhesives. food cable suburban construction

The latter happens when the kogezonal strength is less than adhesive. However, this is possible only when the limitation limit of the material is higher than the stresses arising on the border between the glue and the surface of the glued material. This cannot be with plastic adhesives.

With plastic adhesives, all tangential stresses occurring on the border between glue and glued material disappear immediately after internal movement or relaxation of adhesives. Therefore, plastic or tall adhesives detect a large (apparent) adhesion. The same reason caused the unreliability of such adhesive compounds in conditions of permanent loads and apparent adhesive strength (t. e. The fact that adhesion remains non -war). In construction, you may need a high -quality cable to order which you can: food cable.

Some adhesives completely break away from the surfaces glued by them, when a large force suddenly affects the adolescence, so short -term that relaxation or internal fluidity does not have time to occur and adhesion is disturbed under the influence of a blow.

The reason for the destruction is that with sudden loading of the adhesive compound, there is no time interval necessary for a small course of the layer, usually neutralizing all stresses that occur in plastic adhesives. However, plastic adhesives, which are destroyed under the action of shock loads, are the exception.

The main reason for the destruction of all strong adhesives is tangential, or parallel, stress. They are absent in plastic adhesives, all internal stresses are neutralized as a result of an internal viscous course.

Plastic adhesives can only be used in a very narrow temperature range. When cooling to temperature, they become fragile significantly lower than room. At temperatures above the normal, the fluidity of the adhesives decreases, and the viscosity drops, and they completely lose strength.

Plastic adhesives. Food cable