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Planning is a necessary initial stage in any business, whether it be business, self -development or repair. And in the repair this is especially important: you do not want this nightmare to drag on for months, or even years? In this article, we will talk about how to plan the repair of the apartment if you decide to do it yourself, or decide to take on only the management of the process, hiring a team of workers to fulfill certain stages.

The plan consists of three parts. Before you run to buy building materials, it is recommended to paint the list of upcoming work. For example, if you started a cosmetic repair of the room, the plan will look approximately as follows: cut off the old wallpaper, dismantle the skirting board, tear off the old linoleum, grind the walls, clean the ceiling, whitewash the ceiling, and so on. The more detailed your plan will be, the less chance that you will miss something important.

Further, it is recommended to paint all the necessary building materials. Wallpaper, putty, plaster, wallpaper glue, spatulas, brushes and so on – everywhere put the required amount and cost. If you make repairs yourself – find out what tools you need, and do not forget to purchase them in a construction store or from your friends.

The third and most important part of the plan is, directly, the work schedule. It is worth considering that the work is carried out in a certain order, that is, each next stage of the repair of envy from whether the previous one is completed. It is very important to take into account this moment when drawing up a schedule, also leave in it small “holes” – building materials need for some time to “take” or “dry”. For example, while the ceiling dries, you can engage in walls.

Do not try to make repairs on “maybe”, spend a day or two on planning, and this may reduce the process of repair for months, or even years.