Parquet board | Construction

In many houses in the construction and decoration of the interior, a parquet board is actively used. This material is really considered one of the best for floor decoration. And this is understandable – after all, when creating such a board, manufacturers successfully combine solid and soft species of wood, which gives the board not only strength, but also flexibility, allowing to reduce the laying time. The parquet board is one of the most popular materials in all corners of the world, whose service life is really long, and the price is relatively minimal.

Perhaps parquet boards differ from each other only by the type of wood, technology and manufacturer’s rating, which all together affects the total cost of this material. These boards are usually divided into three types according to the number of layers at the base. However, the boards of a single -layer and two -layer type are found on the market much less often than a three -layer -type boards, therefore, construction is used much less often – which, however, does not reduce their advantages.

Three -layer -type boards are the most popular all over the world. They are made from various breeds of trees, which all together give the best result. So, for the working layer, solid rocks of trees like oak, beech, birch, maple or cherries are usually used for the working layer. These varieties of wood provide a future board with strength and ability to withstand any weight. For the second layer, the cores, usually use coniferous trees. The wood for the parquet layer is selected very, very carefully – the pattern, color, and homogeneity, and even the type of cut are taken into account. And this is understandable – after all, it is precisely the parquet layer that is destined to hand over the “visiting card” of the room. It is because of all these signs of selection that the final price of a parquet board is set.

Parquet board is laid in a variety of ways. Perhaps the most common is gluing the board to the base, which, however, is not mandatory. Other methods, as a floating floor with a substrate or laying on lags, are also popular, let and are not used so widely in building circles. Correctly and neatly stacked parquet board, capable of serving for many years, the main thing is not to forget about careful care. It is recommended to carry out small restoration work once every few years, such as another varnishing or cycle.

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