Dear readers and readers of our site, today there are a huge number of different boards on sale. Oriented chip plates in appearance are slightly similar to chipboard (without covering facial surfaces). Uses technologies that deliberately give directions to the wood components, and the chip itself has sizes that pass strict selection and must be fitted into a certain framework. Such material in the modern world is considered a very promising. Initially, its development was carried out for use as the main forming for frame houses. Obviously, the usual DSP is unsuitable for any serious buildings. The development was carried out in 1980, as a subspecies of chipboard production technology. Since the invention belongs to the United States, it was not without traditional sandwiches. The plate consists of several layers, the direction of the shavings in which is different, this is done to ensure increased strength. The resulting material exceeds chipboard in resistance to physical and mechanical influences in 2.5 times. Which has already been tested by practice in the USA.

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OSB plates are not relaxed, moisture effects, they cannot contain internal cracks or voids and knots (unlike ordinary wood), OSB is easily processed, which is inherited by chipboard, but to an excellent degree. Do not crumble in places of mechanical fastening. In Canadian technology, the house is relatively easy and does not require a heavy foundation. And finally, technology. Technological processes are honed and highly automated. As for Canadian technology, in addition to the walls of the OSB plate, they are used for a continuous crate of the roof, as part of the floor surface with a litter frame made of high -strength materials. Among other things, OSB is widely used for the manufacture of sandwich panels for accelerated assembly. For the consumer, the fact that OSB can be made according to European or American standards is important. American is more strict to strength and environmental friendliness. And in water resistance the leads of European standard. American OSB is made of solid varieties of wood, and European from coniferous.