Organize comfort in the nursery together. Mirror decoration

The mirror is a favorite subject of all designers due to the variety of forms and options. However, the main purpose of it should still be performed. Therefore, the skill lesson will not be dedicated not to the mirror itself, but by the frame framing it. Take several ideas, and then feel free to include children in the game. Let it may not work out at once and it will not work, but the family will become much stronger. No one should convince anyone of the need for mirrors in the room of a young fashionista, but the rival boy will also be needed sometimes. It is better to arrange this item above a chest of drawers or a toilet table in a girl’s room, and in a boy it will look good near a rack.

To conduct the decoration, the frame will be needed: a paper base with pictures, a heat -insulator for pipes, colored paper, bright acrylic paint, PVA glue, acrylic varnish, a knife for cutting paper or scissors, a pencil and a ruler, a brush, and most importantly, a safe mirror of a plastic plastic mirror.

We start work. The frame is stained with acrylic paint. Cut the heat insulator for pipes with thin even rings, which then stain in bright colors. On colored paper, mark and cut out geometric shapes that will be the basics for the pictures. Glue the finished figures cut out of the paper base of the picture. We cover the frame with PVA glue and place applications on top of it on top. We cover the latter with glue, and after drying, we fix it with acrylic varnish. After complete drying, randomly between the applications we place circles of painted thermal insulator, fixing PVA glue. If you have a mirror, but there is no frame, then ask to make it a man. This will need only four corners and four pine boards. As an option, you can choose the frame in the store.