Organization of work on the construction site

Today, the construction occupies a leading place in the economy of any state. We can observe how thousands of cubic meters of concrete day after day turn into residential buildings, business centers, places of trade. Behind all of this there are many people who fulfill a variety of responsibilities.

The construction of each building begins with the development of the project. This issue is dealt with by designers-engineers with higher technical education. They, according to the sketches that architects provide, select the necessary designs for the future building. These experts analyze soils and engineering communications. After the project must be approved.

Working construction specialties are engaged in the preparation of the construction site for construction. If the territory occupied the forest, it should be removed. If there are buildings to be demolished on the new general plan on the territory, they are demolished. Install premises for temporary stay of building workers (utility rooms, pantries, etc.D.).

A representative of the certification body must be present at the construction site. These are people who are responsible for organizing safe labor, for the performance of work of proper quality. In addition, there are employees of the state supervision. Their powers are to check the work of employees at the construction site.

Builders engineers monitor the progress of construction. Their duties include the acceptance of concrete and other building materials, they write out outfits for all types of work and accept work at the end of the shift, make sure that the work is carried out according to the schedule of work. Every day they fill out magazines for accounting for working time, sign acts for hidden work. The work is responsible and laborious, performed at any time of the year