One -room apartment: division into zones

In a small apartment, it is always difficult to divide the space rationally, and especially if the apartment is also one -room. If you decide to make repairs and change your one -room apartment, then dividing the room into parts will be a great option. A dividing barrier between two, three parts of the room can become, for example, cabinet furniture for the bedroom, living room.

How to divide a one -room apartment into zones?

The interior of a one -room apartment should be comfortable and, of course, interesting. After changes, the zone that is important for the life of a person should appear in the room, which harmonize among themselves.

A residential area in a one -room apartment can be divided into a bedroom and an office, a bedroom and a living room, or you can combine these three zones together. It all depends on your imagination and area of ​​the living room. Divide their strip, which is not striking, but creates a feeling of zonality in the apartment. Such a separator can become:

Static partitions made of drywall. They will really allow you to create two new rooms, and not just the atmosphere of those;

A clear border between the parts of the room can be created by a screen or a mobile partition, which can be removed at any time;

A good partition, as already noted, will be furniture. In addition to the dividing function, cabinets and racks can be used effectively;

Another effective way can be the placement of curtains. So that the room remains light and elegant, you can choose transparent fabrics.

It doesn’t matter which of the proposed options for separating the room you choose, it is important to remember that the room should maintain stylistic harmony, and the partition is necessary for the visual division of the room. After all, if two rooms are made from one room, then the idea can lose its attractiveness.