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Normative requirements for drinking water

According to all the rules and regulatory requirements, water for drinking should not have different microorganisms and compounds, chemical adventures that exceed the permitted norm, and should not have a clearly pronounced smell and taste.

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If the house is used by water heaters, washing machines, different plumbing, then it is necessary to also make special softening installations and water alignment. Since, as you know, hard water leads to the appearance of scale on parts of water heating equipment and its failure or complete breakdown, and iron forms brown impudents on the plumbing, as a result of which it breaks.

For watering, the quality of water is not regulated in any way. For calculation, you need to take into account the volume of water supplied in the general debit of the well, especially when choosing a pump. Calculations for water preparation equipment for watering are not taken into account.

It depends on what features the water has and what requirements are made, the house is equipped with its quality, several filtration systems. For convention, they are divided into filters for household purposes, that is, cleaning all the water that enters the house and on filters only for drinking water.