New Year with friends!

New Year is coming soon and soon the “Irony of Fate” well, without it,. What if the New Year with friends themselves is celebrated in the sauna. Necessarily with a pool, champagne and contests. Immediately we will agree on the competition “Whoever sits in the steam room at + 120 we will not hold, we will not conduct, in order to avoid health problems. No longer know special contests for saunas? We can put a couple.


Teams are built in two columns near the side of the pool. At the end of the column, a basin is placed. A towel is taken, the first from the column is dipping it into the pool and passes further the latter squeezes the towel into the basin and runs to dip it into the pool, occupying the first place. The team first filled the basin will win.

“Mortal Kombat”

Two participants sit in the pool on the inverted basins and with wet towels try to knock each other into the water.


For this game, you need to take care of the props in advance: a few inflatable balls according to the number of players, the same number of buttons, tape. Balls should beat two or more colors, by the number of commands. Balls play the role of a hypertrophied tail, buttons are attached to the forehead with tape. There is no need to explain further. The team that takes care of the rear will win.

When the degree of the holiday will increase enough can go to a more liberated competition.

“Edible body art”

The rules are extremely simple. Players are divided into couples – girl, guy. Using chocolate, cream and multi -colored jams, create a New Year’s mask on the partner’s face. The main thing is to prevent her from drying out, otherwise it will be bad to wash off.

“Bottoms Up”

A low -alcohol cocktail or beer is taken. Two players are blindfolded and handed a straw. The goal of get a straw into a glass and a beast to drink it.

Well, that the program is funny. So you need to urgently place an order on, otherwise you can not have time.