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New tricks of Ukrainian developers

In the primary real estate market there is a heyday: there are about 134 objects on sale, which is more than 15 percent more compared to last year’s indicators.As a result, competition becomes more and more acute and to sell apartments each time more and more difficult. In the context of strengthening the struggle for the buyer, an increasing number of domestic buyers are practicing the use of not only their own name, the activity of the entire construction process, but also a number of well -known techniques – discounts, promotions, as well as a completely new service for the domestic buyer – the individuality of the approach.

All this indicates that a total buyer’s total era has come on the primary real estate market. For each new potential buyer of the apartment, there are more than 5 relevant objects, apartments. This contributed to the fact that a number of Ukrainian developers radically changed their own approach to the process of developing residential real estate. Conducting the development of new projects in residential complexes, Ukrainian developers are forced to be guided mainly by the needs of the clients themselves. The development of new projects is carried out by focusing on the place of the object. To everything, development companies intend to realize a number of related amenities for their future buyers. As an example-installing a webcam in the yards, which allows parents not to worry about their children. The general conceptual development of new buildings focuses on expectations from buyers. Developers are increasingly focusing on the target audience, choose options for apartments, as well as related infrastructure. All this helps to increase the loyalty of buyers themselves to developing companies.