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Modern wall decoration

The walls in the rooms should be beautiful and practical, and this can be done using the proper wall decoration. The walls can be pushed with wallpaper or wallpaper for painting, painted with paint, lined with wood, tiles and decorative panels. You can also apply liquid wallpaper to the walls.

Wall painting is most often carried out by water -based paint. Water -based paint gives the walls a matte surface. For a shiny surface, you should choose acrylic paint.

Ceramic tiles cladding are used in rooms where hygiene is required, like a bathroom, shower, toilet and kitchen.

In residential premises, the most common is the pasting of the premises with wallpaper. To date, the building materials market offers a large selection of wallpapers: silk wallpaper, paper, vinyl, etc.D.

Wallpaper for painting should have a corrugated texture. Vinyl wallpapers are suitable for this, very rarely painting wallpaper made of fiberglass. They, like all other types of wallpaper, are glued to the walls, and after dry, paint is applied with a roller.

Liquid wallpapers in structure are similar to small chips, which are diluted with water before applying to the wall. They are applied with a wide spatula or roller.

Drill cladding is a type of finish that is practical, beautiful and durable. This is a well -known wooden lining that is very simple.

MDF and FEP are used as decorative panels. MDF panels have ennobled front surface, which is pasted with a thin paper film of different colors. Economic panels are often used in the decoration of stores and retail rooms – these are cheap MDF panels that are easy to clean and look good.

DVP panels are made of wood -fiber plates, and it looks like a natural tree. On the market, you can still find imported panels from fiberboard, which imitate brick or masonry, marble cladding and casing with boards of pine, walnut or oak. Decorative panels look spectacular in rooms with a large area.