Modern technologies of the Parquet Cycles

The cycle is a classic way to restore the original appearance of the parquet. It is performed by methodical leveling, removing chips and achieving a perfectly flat basis. In fact, the use of a classic cyclovis remains in the past, in modern technologies with the power of grinds is used, which completely eliminates the presence of routine, painstaking and laborious work on the restoration of the parquet. For this reason, the use of grinding, as a progressive method that has the advantages of high efficiency of technologies, has become a significant advance in repair work.

Thus, the grinding is a budget version of repair work, restoring the aesthetic type of coating that returns the original shade and eliminates defects: cracks and bumps. The main types of grinding work are rough grinding, intermediate grinding, thin grinding, grinding angles and edges.

In order to restore the primordial appearance of this flooring, several types of grinding machines are used: drum, disk, tape, corner. The main difference between modern technology and the classical cycling of the floor is a fairly quick recovery with the absence of any dirt. In addition, thanks to a wide range of modern equipment, you can carry out high -quality grinding and for hard -to -reach places if you choose a flat -grinding, angular or drum grinding machine. The use of a flat -grinding type of machine will become the key to the beauty of the appearance of the coating, since such equipment ensures the invisibility of the strips of coating. And to restore parquet in the corners and in the area of ​​the batteries, corner grinders are used.