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Modern roofing solutions

The roof of the building is often a weak link, because different troubles happen to it, especially in the winter period. A metal tile can help in solving this problem. It is possible to install a metal tile on the old roof without analyzing the previous roof, after checking the ventilation, support strength and set the crate on which roofing slabs will be mounted. Only asbestos old coating should be dismantled. Great for restoration work, Finnish steel roofs. They are 5 times easier than ordinary metal tiles.

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Also, an important point is the removal of melt water from the roof. There are two varieties: plastic and metal. Plastic structures are very convenient, but can collapse from low temperatures. The gutters made of galvanized steel with a polymer coating is very reliable. They can be purchased along with a coating of the same color.

There are safety funds for lifting to the roof – fasteners, transitional bridges, snow holders. All these details can be ordered along with the roof.

So that icicles do not grow on the roof, use roll or bulk thermal insulation. It is laid on attic floors on the outer wall, which overlaps the vertical insulation of the wall. It is better to prepare in advance for winter so that the roof does not arrange unexpected surprises.