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Modern market of suspended ceilings.

The modern market associated with construction has many differences and interestingness. It is sold on it, including suspended ceilings. Before choosing it, the main criteria should be indicated what needs to be obtained by the result.

To simplify the selection, the main types of suspended ceilings are allocated:

Curved. Modern systems that are used in the construction of multilevel ceiling systems. Attractive, look amazingly curved and even ceilings in combination. Of the shortcomings, perhaps, only the high cost stand out. In most cases, their order is carried out on an individual basis.

Planar. Standard ceiling system, not intersecting with a curved.

Modular. This type of ceiling systems has the form of modules (panels, rails, or cassettes) combined in a single plane of square or rectangular cross section.

On modular ceilings we will dwell in a little more detailed, because they have several varieties:

1. Tiles. Made of square elements

2. Cellular. Have ceiling planes, often from the inside, covered with special substrates.

3. Cassette. Have cells of different sizes, but with a standard construction system. Differ in size.

Lattice modules.

Solid. Professionals call them frameless. Of the features, the possibility of forming a flat surface is distinguished, which cannot be distinguished from the standard leveled ceiling. If you are interested in the installation of suspended ceilings Armstrong, see the offer on Potolkiy.

Rack. Consist of racks, the location of the cross.

Decorative. A special subgroup of ceilings, integrated into the open system of the suspended frame.

Judging by the variety of choice, it is better to do it with a professional master, so as not to get into a mess.