Modern glass floor

The use of glass floors is not as wide as wooden, parquet or PVC covers. Typically, such floors are made in concert halls, on dance floors, clubs, restaurants and viewing platforms. This is a wonderful tool that designers actively use, using such a glass floor, you can make an individual and unique interior. The translucency of such a material allows you to achieve different light -optical and color effects. Such floors give a feeling of lightness of the structure, while they have high resistance to various dynamic loads. Glass perfectly opposes chemical reagents, concentrated acids and alkalis.

To install glass floors, you must first lay a special supporting structure, and insert glass elements into its cells. The lack of glass is its slippery, and such a floor can be easily scratched. To give such a flock of anti -slip properties, glass can be subjected to sandblasting. Soft sandblasting flooring of the floor helps to ensure the leveling of defects that have appeared on the glass, but at the same time light transmission is lost, but the matte surface disperses the light well, and also creates the effect of soft glow.

Many builders use hardened glass for laying on the floor. As a result of special hardening, strength, hardness and excellent resistance to abrasion increases. This type of sex is a piece production and are made to order and usually this is the fruit of joint work of designer and specialists who are versed in production technology. Elements of glass floors are made from a float glass, which can be transparent, tinted or coated. You can also use floors from decorative glasses with various drawings.