Modern ceiling

The popularity of the stretch ceiling increases every year, they are mounted in almost all rooms, from the bathroom to the bedroom.

One of the main tasks for the consumer is to choose the type of stretch ceiling, as the market offers a large assortment, which is not just to figure out.

Each canvas is original in its own way and can decorate the room and make it as cozy as possible. In this article, we will consider the two most popular types of stretch ceiling, this is a matte and glossy.

But first, we will touch on the theme of a living ceiling.

Yes, yes, you did not rush – living. In any interior, you can not do without plants if you want to add notes of nature to your interior.

In order to do this with the ceiling, you can be puzzled by the search for curly or ampelous plants. They are suitable here – ivy, philodendron or cissus.

But you can just hang pots with indoor plants to the ceiling. What kind of plants will grow on your ceiling, you can choose here.

For many, glossy stretch ceilings are attractive to the property, visually increase the space, especially for apartments or houses with low ceilings.

One of the obvious advantages of the glossy canvas is the ability to scatter and reflect light, so they are also called mirror. The darker the canvas, the stronger it reflects all objects. The canvas has a brilliant texture, as if it were varnished.

The film of the glossy ceiling has a different reflective ability, it depends on the manufacturer and the technologies used.

The glossy ceiling will undoubtedly make guests that will appreciate the exquisite taste of the owners and the created atmosphere in the room.

Consumers mostly choose matte ceilings due to an affordable price. Such a ceiling will not be a bright accent in the interior and make the surface perfectly even.

For lovers of classics, this is ideal, there is no pathos and glamor here. Originality can be added using photo printing.It is very fashionable today to mount multi -level stretch ceilings using different types of canvases.

This allows you to zone space and make it more modern. What is the best ceiling to solve only you, since each interior is individual and taste preferences are different for everyone.

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