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Methods of frying potatoes, recipes

Fry the potatoes so that it does not get bogged down and was cooked, but was just fried, with a brilliant crust, not everyone can do it.

Methods of frying potatoes, recipes

Frying potatoes is a whole art. It happens that it turns out too dry and remains half -dried, but it happens on the contrary, extinguishes under the lid and becomes soft and brittle. Despite the apparent unpretentiousness of this loved one, its preparation still requires certain experience and skill, and, of course, knowledge of small secrets.

Most importantly, choose the right variety of potatoes for frying. Of course, not all of us at the first glance, determine which variety the potato offered or in the store belongs to the store, but to make it easier for you, focus on the color of potatoes. Light and pink tubers are ideal for high -quality frying potatoes, so you need just such.

And although it is not necessary to clean potatoes of special skills, you need to talk about cutting separately. So that your fried potatoes are tasty and fried, slices should be thin. The form in this case is not as important, cut as you like best, and as you are used to, the main thing is subtly. Typically, potatoes are cut into strips, but now there is a lot of devices for cutting vegetables on sale, including potatoes, so you can use them for your convenience. Just don’t forget that you need to cut it subtly.

To get rid of excess starch in potatoes, you need to pour chopped potatoes with water and withstand for 20-30 minutes. After that, drain the water, and get the potatoes with a paper towel, without this procedure your potato will not turn out crispy, so do not neglect the tips. Try to do everything for sure and follow the instructions.

You will need a wide cast -iron pan, which needs to be warmed up on fire without oil, and then only pour it into a hot pan. You can fry potatoes in oil or fat, or on their mixture – this is a matter of taste. Moreover, fat in a pan should be enough. When oil or fat is hot, pour the potatoes into the pan. At the same time, you must hear a characteristic skin of. In a small pan, it is better to fry potatoes in several visits, otherwise you will not succeed. And interfering in this case will not be quite convenient for you.

Cover the pan with a dome -shaped lid for 5 minutes so that the steam inside freely circulates. You need to make fire strong to form a crust, when the time passes, turn the potatoes with a spatula. Do it carefully, otherwise your potatoes turn into porridge. After 10 minutes, when the crust appears again, salt your potatoes and mix. A few more minutes over high heat and you can remove. In this way, you will achieve precisely the desired effect of fried potatoes, and not get porridge, or stewed potatoes, as sometimes it turns out if we do not really know how to fry potatoes.

Potatoes need to be fried without onions. In this case, it will absorb moisture and will not turn out to be crispy, what you want. Lovers of fried onions can be advised to fry the bow separately and then add to the finished potatoes. It is also necessary to salt potatoes at the very end, since because of the salt the potato will release the juice, it will become wet and you will not be able to fry it. It will turn out as if stewed and without crispy delicious crust.

And yet, if you fired crisp potatoes to your table, then a salad of fresh vegetables or sauerkraut will be the best addition to it.

Methods of frying potatoes, recipes

But you can also add a little crushed garlic and chopped greens to it. And, of course, the best addition to golden, excellent potatoes is a herring. Your dish will be just magnificent, and no one can resist it. Good luck!