Methods of facing the house with natural stone

To decorate the building and make it reliable and durable, various finishing materials are used in construction. The most durable of them is the natural stone. Artificially created material is in no way inferior in beauty, but its strength is slightly lower.

Builders use several ways of laying stone, since the product can have a different shape, structure size. Natural stone products for the internal interior of the house can be ordered for .

1. Masonry from a dick. It is used most widely. The stone is not processed, so it has uneven surfaces and ends. It is mounted so that the view is the most natural. Such a masonry system is used for large layers and small ones, they need to be laid so that large voids do not form. All gaps are filled with a solution.

2. Classical masonry “Castle”. Stones can be of different sizes, but should have at least a conditionally correct rectangular shape. They are laid tightly, the appearance of the trimmed facade has the structure of ancient locks, the front part of the stone can slightly forward. This masonry can only be performed by an experienced master.

3. Masonry “Plato”. Stones of various sizes are used for work, but the parties should be processed and even. Most often used for decoration of the foundation and basement. Such masonry is decorative. It has the correct appearance of surfaces of different sizes and if you look at the side of the finished product, then there should not be protrusions of stones. Before fixing the stone to the plane, you should first combine it on the ground, and then transfer it to the foundation. This is a rather time -consuming process.

4. Clothing “Shahririars”. This technique is used very often. For her, you need to take processed stones of a rectangular shape. The front surface can be chopped, but everyone else should be smooth. The use of such stone material contributes to a tight fit of the cladding.

5. Masonry “Assol”. This stones laying system are very original and relief. Products use long and thin. It seems that the material is on the dick. This work requires high skill, since the stones have a different length and width and only two relatively smooth surfaces on which they put products.

6. Rondo masonry. She evokes sea motifs. For work, take up laid stones of various sizes. First, large products are laid, and smaller pebbles are placed in the resulting intervals. This type of masonry looks good when decorating windows and doorways.

The use of stone in itself makes the house monumental, beautiful and luxurious. And the ability to use a different laying system of natural material helps to make the structure a unique, extraordinary.