Methods of cooking pickled cheese

Many people know that it is customary to serve a little alcohol before eating: “So that the appetite is played out”. Well, what to do for those who do not drink alcohol.

Methods of cooking pickled cheese

It turns out that among the products there are such small snacks that arouse appetite. So, this article describes one of the types of such snacks well.

Rocher pickled in Chesh

What will be needed:

Rocmentary cheese 240 g.

A pair of garlic cloves

olive oil

red onion- 1 onion.

Red pepper- 1ch.l

Chern. Pepper- 1 h.l

1 piece of spicy pepper

Provencal herbs- 5g.

How to cook:

We cut the cheese, preferably with cubes, so it will be easier to meet the banks. Sprinkle it on top with a small amount of garlic. At the bottom of the jar we put the remaining garlic, red onion and pepper. Next, carefully lay the cheese and pour everything with olive oil.

We abundantly water the workpiece with oil and leave the cans in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. The delicious dish is ready!

Adyghe cheese under the marinade

What will be needed:

400 g. cheese

wine 2-3 tbsp.l

wine or apple cider a couple of tablespoons

basil- 2-3 tbsp.L-bunch of green onions

Olive oil- 125ml.

a little sugar

How to cook:

To prepare the marinade, using a blender, mix greens, wine, vinegar, butter and sugar until a homogeneous mass. For this dish, Chedder cheese is best suited, as it has a nut and slightly sharp flavor, which is just suitable for this dish.

Methods of cooking pickled cheese

We cut the cheese so that it fits the jar. It will be more convenient to cut it with cubes or plates.

We lay the cheese in jars, filling it with marinade.

Add spices to taste.

Leave in the refrigerator until the morning.

Pickled cheese

What will be needed:

olive oil and vinegar for 120ml.

pickled pepper- 50g

Greens- 50g


Sugar, salt, pepper

Favorite cheese- 250g

Curd cheese- 250g

How to cook:

Olive oil, vinegar, greens, garlic and spices are well mixed.

Two cheese cut so that they fit into the jar and lay on the bottom.

We pour everything with the marinade and leave in the refrigerator for the night.

Such a snack will be by the way on any table and will like guests very much. If desired, we carefully spread the finished cheese on a plate, string on skewers and decorate with herbs, lemon slices and pepper. Pickled cheese is very suitable for cooking canapes, as it has a very interesting taste and will be good in combination with many products. It is also an exquisite dish perfect for eating it with any wine. Bon appetit!