Many interesting nuances are hidden in the forms and sizes of tiles

Do not think that such a topic is a trifle, which is not worth paying attention. Many familiar forms of plates often seem boring to us, but this is far from the case.  All rectangular species can be personally reduced or increased by laying them with non -standard methods, and square analogues with different colors are done that any designer will envy.

Large formats are generally excellent in work, since with such a wall cladding there are enough several rows, and the gaps will also be minimal and the seams are practically not visible. But there are also difficulties here. The tile in weight is heavy and very picky to glue, and the surface should be perfect, since even a small bulge will already lead to bulging and will look bad. Recently, they often visit the site /and choose good apartments there.

Today there are collections where, in addition to decor, the modular tile is located. It represents various forms and sizes where the compatibility of the parts is on multiple sides. They do copyright work from it, but the help of the master is required when laying it, as the marking accuracy along with the clarity of the seams is needed here. Subject to these rules, a masterpiece on the floor is already provided with you.

Look at the catalogs where you can choose the finished product and then use only colored grout for seams, as it will give you contrast with the main gamut in the facing. There is an option for imitation of a modular look, where the pattern on the surface is similar to the original.

It is worth knowing that the format is called the type of nominal size, which differs from the real analogue. Calibration indicates a batch of tiles and it must be taken into account when buying. The length along with the height and thickness must be measured, as this will help you avoid problems with the size.

It is also worth mentioning voluminous tiles, which is produced with images and drawings can be convex or concave. When laying such a beauty, the thickness of the tile changes, and the entire surface becomes quite spectacular.