Maintenance of elevators and elevator equipment

The trend towards an increase in the number of floors in the design and construction of residential buildings can be explained by various reasons, including the desire to create more housing in a limited territory of a densely built -up city. In such high -altitude houses, the well -known means of moving – the elevator, and also the issue of maintaining it in good condition becomes in the forefront, since the staircase can not always be a solution to the problem, and for some categories of residents of the elevator, the only way to get to its apartment.

The activity of using the elevator involves its regular preventive maintenance in order to prevent emergency situations, since the wear of the parts increases, the accuracy of adjusting the mechanical nodes is violated, the load on electrical circuits and electronic control units increase. Therefore, it is so important in a timely manner, without waiting for a breakdown, to conclude an agreement on maintenance and repair of the elevator farm from one of the companies, at a high professional level of maintenance of elevators in Kyiv and other cities. It is obvious that the full -fledged repair of elevator equipment, depending on the complexity of the breakdown, will cost much more than periodic monitoring of its condition and the implementation of regulatory work.

It is important to pay attention to the following points before concluding an agreement:

– The company’s stay in the market of similar services and (which is even more important) the number of successfully implemented projects;

– The list of works that the company’s specialists are able to perform: the more complete it is, the better – the narrow orientation of the company can be justified during a one -time circulation, although the practice of one -time appeals to different performers can lead to some difficulties in the future;

– the level of training of employees, the availability of licenses and certificates;

– Clients strategy, main priorities of the company;

– cost of services, availability/absence, guarantee, loyalty programs, etc.D.

It is also important the location of the main office and the main base of the company or its branch: the territorial distance from the customer will complicate the operational response to the alarm, in other way, the people who have stuck in the elevator will have to wait longer, which implies increased mental stress and the danger to their health for their health.