Lumber is building materials that combine a high operational characteristic. In any construction process, lumber is needed for different purposes. The lumber that our company represents are made of high -quality conifers of wood. For many years we have been guaranteed manufacturers and suppliers of high -class materials.

The lumber of our company is actively used in construction and repair work of various types. We produce and implement boards that are widely used in various areas. They can be applied for both external and internal casing of buildings. With the help of these boards, fences, formwork, temporary buildings and much more are erected. The board can be considered universal material, which is easy to install, dismantling and cutting. We also offer to purchase cobblestones, lines, Eurolinki, block-hauses, and t from us.D. With the help of special grooves, the lining can be very quickly connected to each other, which makes it possible to sheathe a large area in a short time.

The most important advantages of this material is that it is resistant to moisture and provides perfect ventilation. One of the most famous finishing materials is a block house, which is a type of sheathing board. The front side of this material is made of high -quality logs. This material is actively used in such cases if it is necessary to give a concrete or brick cottage the form of a wooden house.