Laying and repairing parquet

Parquet is a type of floor covering that is made from strict plaques. It is believed that the parquet floor is one of the best types of flooring, because it does not only look aesthetically aesthetically pleasing, then it is strong about a very practical.

It is best to buy parquet, only in factory and factory packaging. If you have not yet resolved the issue of purchasing a parquet, then be sure to visit the Parquet repair forum, Parquet cycles, Parket grinding. The drying technology can be very important, it can be microwave drying, drying with hot air. Parquet is a semi -finished product that acquires its appearance, only after processing and laying. Before laying the parquet, it is necessary to prepare the room, level the floor. For styling, you need such materials: parquet, special glue, primer, varnish, plywood, screed, etc.

Stages of laying parquet:

1. leveling the floor, which can take for several days;

2. Plywood flooring;

3. directly laying parquet;

4. Parquet grinding;

5. primer;

6. varnish coating;

Thanks to the parquet cycle, all the bumps that formed when laying the parquet are eliminated, dirt is removed. This process is carried out using a special grinding machine. The next stage is a varnish coating, which is the final process of laying a parquet floor. How high quality the parquet was carried out depends on its further lines of operation.

You can choose either glossy or matte varnish. Glossy – makes the structure of the tree more expressive, and matte is used if the shine of the parquet is useless. Over time, the parquet wears out, the cracks appear, the planks are drying out. Replacing parquet is a very expensive pleasure, so repairing parquet is the most optimal solution. Parquet restoration is performed every 5 years.

Loss of color, small cracks can be restored using a grinding machine. After that, you can grate the parquet with wax or varnish.

The durability and lines of operation of the parquet in most cases depends only on the quality of the styling.