Laying a warm floor in a bathroom

Now, everyone who cares about their health and the health of their loved ones is thinking about laying a warm floor, and especially in the bathroom. It is these floors that will make your bathroom a warm and cozy room. Making a warm floor in the bathroom is completely easy to contact a special company.There are three types of warm floors – water, electric and film.

A warm electric floor is very popular, due to its ease in operation and dismantling. For this type of sex, a special cable is used, according to which a current is passed, which gives its heat. The only disadvantages are environmental friendliness due to electromagnetic radiation and a small heating area. If you worry about safety by dripping with water on the floor, you can not worry because the electric floor is arranged so that the water does not work on it, but on the contrary it will evaporate.

Water warm floor is a type of heating system. Its feature is that hot water in the pipes is under the floor. The advantage of a water floor is a low cost and absolute safety for the body, and the disadvantage can only be called very complex installation and the fact that in apartments it is unlikely that anyone will allow such an installation system, only in the cottage and whether the house and the possibility of pipe flow.

Warm film floor (infrared). Such a floor system appeared recently, but became very in demand. The advantage of such a field is that it can be installed not only on the floors, but also on the walls and walls. The film of the film floors includes a film with an electrical eyeliner, thermoregulator, temperature sensor.

The advantages of warm floors are that they distribute evenly heat throughout the area. The bathroom is the coldest room in the apartment, as the floor is usually covered with ceramic tiles or natural stone. Which of the types of floors you choose, everyone has advantages and disadvantages, but the main advantage is the function of heating your housing.