Landscaping of a personal plot

Any personal plot will take an attractive and well -groomed appearance if you plant it with trees, shrubs and flowers. Plants have amazing properties: they improve the state of ecology, charge the territory with beneficial energy, creating comfort and harmony in the garden. It is not necessary to have special skills to perform landscape design work. You can give free rein to fantasy and arrange a policy to your liking. Buying ordinary spruce, for example, is an excellent solution for landscaping the site from the front side of the house, because on the New Year holidays it can be decorated with joy, neighbors and passers -by.

Fruit trees are best planted in the recreation area, where it is planned to place a gazebo, garden swings, shops, etc. D. Seedlings will give a good shadow and cool when they grow up. If you want to make a plot of shady at once, just buy coarse steel, contacting the plant nursery engaged in their sale. In the presence of space, it is recommended that most of the personal plot is planted with green grass, on which it will be nice to spend picnics. As for shrubs, they are usually planted around the perimeter of the house to brate the territory.

Blub design

There are several ways to design flower beds. For example, you can create a flower garden with a strict geometric shape, using seeds, bulbs of any plants. Not a successful solution – to plant flowers collected in shape, color and time of blooming. In the flower beds of the Homelements, for example, plants are selected so that in one season they change color several times. Raised flower beds involve the landing of higher plants in the center, and low – at the edges. Carpet flower beds consist of stalls and dwarf flowers, allowing you to create a certain ornament in aggregate.