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Laminate laying

Before laying the laminate, it must be left for a day in the room where work will be carried out. This is done to align temperatures.

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Laminad should be prepared a flat and dry surface. You can not lay laminate in rooms where humidity is increased. The surface on which we will lay the laminate should be even and dry. Its deviation can be no more than 2 mm per 1 meter of length. The laminate on the floor should lie freely, not to rest against the walls, it is not nailed with nails, otherwise it swollen when temperature drops. From the wall when laying, we retreat 10 mm. Put the laminate into the castle or on glue, it depends on the type of laminate. Cut laminate with a hacksaw or jigsaw.

A vapor barrier is put on a screed when laying a laminate to protect it from moisture. If you put a laminate on a tree, then there is no need for vapor barrier. For vapor barrier, polyethylene film is usually used. For the time to increase the service life and noise insulation, a prsk substrate is used under the laminate.

Laminate is laid with an overlap on the floor of the boards (like brick). From the wall -mounted laying and lay out the stripes. The laminate must be laid tightly and ensure that the stripes with the edge are not shorter than 5-6 cm.

Does not require laminate and special care. Dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner or brush. You can only do wet cleaning. You can’t wash the laminate. It is not recommended for laminate to use cleaners, as they leave stains.