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Kyiv developers massively build residential complexes

Over the past few years, most of the major Kyiv developers began to change the vector of their attention from the construction of residential houses of a point nature to the implementation of larger residential complexes. Now, in the capital of Ukraine, construction work is continued at more than 10 large facilities, their total area already exceeds 300 thousand meters of square. For the period of this year in Kyiv, it was possible to submit to the operation of more than one and a half million square meters of residential real estate.

Recall our readers that, in accordance with Ukrainian construction standards, the residential complex should be understood as a building whose area is in the limit from 40 to 50 thousand square meters. The number of storeys of such objects is determined by the location. For the Kyiv region, it is 9 floors, due to low demand for such real estate, in Kyiv itself the number of storeys can be greater. At the same time, it should also be taken into account that in the territory of the capital of Ukraine there is a restriction on the number of storeys of real estate, and there is also a rather significant shortage of free land plots. That is why the vast majority of construction companies prefer to build club houses designed for five apartments. For sleeping areas, the possibility of building large -scale residential complexes is much higher, if we compare such an opportunity with the central part of the city. This is primarily due to the presence of sufficient space in terms of land plots.

Residential complexes are highly of interest among developers for a number of reasons. It is economically more profitable to carry out the development of large in size of the territory. This is due to the fact that it is much easier to carry out all necessary for the communication complex, accompanying infrastructure, and then use the entire site at once for the construction of new residential real estate objects. Having invested in such a territory only once, it will be possible to conduct its phased development. Yes, and foreign investors are simply not ready for the fact that to build point residential facilities, they prefer mainly large residential complexes. The construction of one house using technology is practically no different from the implementation of a large -scale project.