Kyiv authorities will allocate a plot for deceived equity holders

For all residents of the city of Kiev, who suffered from the housing scam associated with the construction of a residential building on Milyutenko Street 29, that on the territory of the forest, local authorities promised to allocate a rather good land plot, but already on Volgogradskaya Street, which is in Solomensky The area of ​​the city of Kyiv.

This object is planned to be used to build a new residential real estate object. It is worth noting that peaks for hydraulic centers, consumables and construction equipment began to be actively purchased.

The relevant information was provided by the deputy of the Kyiv City Council, Mr. Brigin. At this stage, preliminary processing is carried out, as well as the development of all the necessary documentation. Earlier information was already received that all people invested by people are 17 million hryvnias, in fact, as well as the permission to carry out construction simply disappeared. Those people who were supposed to control the construction process, relatively invested funds, were also disappeared. Despite the fact that the construction of a residential property was started, after a few months it was simply curtailed. All farm buildings, fences and other fencing elements were simply exported in an unknown direction. Other deceived equity holders decided to build housing unfinished by developer for their own funds. The authorities welcome such a decision rather difficult for the whole city of the issue.