Karasny houses

Standard, familiar methods of erecting brick houses, all kinds of blocks, wood in modern conditions is an extremely costly investment for an average resident. With the exception of wood houses, such structures are quite difficult (if heating on stone coal, firewood) and heated expensive. Of course, a properly erected stone house is the key to durability and comfort! But there is a wonderful alternative, long worked out abroad and little widespread with us – frame houses. The construction technology is based on a wooden frame, which is covered with stoves of pressed woody species, between which layers of heat -insulating materials are introduced. The design options are limited only by the fantasy of the designer, since the materials allow greater flexibility of structural solutions, which sometimes cannot be applied in masonry.

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The most basic advantages are briefly:

– cheaper than analogues from bricks;

– does not require the preparation of a massive foundation;

– resistant to subsidence of the soil under the base;

– Thanks to the heat insulators in the walls, it holds heat well, the temperature in the rooms is quickly gained;

– Very fast commissioning.

Disadvantages that can be voiced (fire hazard, decay of wood, shortness) – the question of only the competence of workers. The level of production of modern materials for construction, methods of protecting them allow you to create frame houses that will last 30-40 years or more.