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Insulation of cottages, country houses and cottages using sandwich panels

Sandwich panel is a relatively new way of insulation of buildings and premises. It is developed on the principle of “sandwich”, that is, the insulation layer is between two metal sheets. The insulation layer can be different, depending on your personal preferences and financial capabilities, it can be polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, and various mineral wools, and, simply, fiberglass.

Foam polyurethane insulation has proven themselves very well, panels using such a heater are practical and reliable, as well as fireproof and moisture resistant, which suggests that they cannot appear fungus or mold. It is still inherent in such panels by high heat and waterproofing.

Sandwich panels with insulation in the form of mineral wool are no less good. Their advantages are that they can be mounted at any time of the year, since they are resistant to various weather fluctuations. They, as well as polyurethane foam, heat -resistant and they have good heat -insulating properties. Such a heater as fiberglass is very light in weight, so it can easily be transported. These panels are also heat -resistant and have excellent soundproofing properties.

I also exist panels from polystyrene foam. This is the type of panels that you should draw your attention to. Firstly, they weigh little, which is important during transportation and installation, secondly, they are heat-resistant and prevent the cold or heat in the room, and thirdly, they are environmentally friendly. Such insulation is often used in the construction of light buildings and refrigerators.

On the outside of the sandwich panel consist of metal sheets that are covered with zinc. The service life depends on the thickness of the zinc layer, the thicker it is, the greater the service life. Sometimes metal sheets can cover with other materials. For example, the plastisol extends the duration of the panels, and the panels are covered with plasterboard, which are used inside residential premises.

Such panels have some disadvantages. For example, they are subject to various damage from physical exertion and freeze between seams. But in general, having insulated your home with the use, sandwich panels, you will protect it from cold, heat, extraneous sounds. Also, speaking of the advantages of panels in general, we can say that they are heat -resistant, have small weight, they are easy to mount and they will not appear fungus and mold, since they are racks to moisture. Specialists who will install a sandwich panels to you will provide you with a guarantee for about 10 years, but they will last 100 years.