Insulation material mineral wool

Nowadays, the construction market is filled with a wide variety of warming materials, but thanks to modern technologies, such an assortment is updated every day. So no less worthy material appeared to be replaced by a popular foam – this is mineral wool.

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Such a heater has very similar characteristics relative to foam, but it has its own personal characteristics.

Depending on the starting raw materials, mineral wool, it is produced with a different structure of the structure of the fibers (vertical-layer, corrugated, etc.D.) that expands the possibilities of its application.

Mineral wool has many advantages and advantages. The most important properties, similar material, are excellent heat and sound insulation.

The pluses also include resistance to high temperatures, which allows the use of such a heater to insulate the surfaces of the furnace, pipeline and much more.

In addition, this kind of material is fiery resistant and is not subjected to chemical effects.

However, in addition to a huge number of advantages, mineral wool, also has certain disadvantages. Firstly, high price. Secondly, there are properties of hygroscopicity.

It should also be noted that this insulation is not used for acrylic plaster, and in the working process it requires careful observance of technologies.