Installation of interior doors yourself

Installing interior doors on their own only at first glance can look like a simple occupation, in reality, this is a responsible, painstaking and difficult matter. If at least a little mistake at the beginning of the installation, then in the future the oversight will be very difficult to fix, sometimes it is even impossible. Consequently. The door will be used less than the expected period, so it is important not only to choose and buy an interior door, but also to install correctly.

To exclude such a trouble, the installation of interior doors is usually entrusted to professionals.

But, sometimes, circumstances do not allow to invite a competent specialist and the installation of the doors must be taken into your hands. In this case, it is necessary to take into account several rules.

The most important and important rule: measured doorways should only be made after a new floor covering has been laid and no manipulations with the floor will be carried out. Still, it will be better to call a professional to measure, who will take into account all the shortcomings.

So, the door leaf is ready. It is necessary to inspect it on the fact of the absence of chips and cracks. And then after a thorough check, you can proceed to the installation.

To put the door, you need to overcome several stages in place.

Stage 1: floor level is measured

The construction level is placed in a horizontal position so that both sides of the opening are captured. And on each side there is a point at which the distance from the floor is visible. This is the only way to see how different the sides of the box are in height. Their difference should not be more than 3 mm.

Stage 2: gathered box

Two racks of the box and its upper bar will be connected first. It turns out a P-shaped figure. Between the bar and the counter should be an angle of 90 degrees. Add the threshold to the resulting figure and install the finished box in the opening. You need to put in an upright position the loop.

Stage 3: Installation of the box in place

In the bait of the door, you need to place a sheet of cardboard with a thickness of 0.3 cm, since a gap should form between the box and the canvas.

When the box is installed in the opening, it is necessary to make sure that there is no distortion and compound density. The door leaf should be protected by molar tape. Next, the voids are launched with mounting foam. Before applying foam, you will need to moisten the opening with water.

After a day, the mounting foam will completely dry, and it can be carefully and evenly cut off, but only then put the platband.

Stage 4: Installation of a preliminary bar

A prescription pound-panel helps to get the box the necessary thickness in relation to the wall thickness.

Когда необходимая толщина короба добрана качественно, панель и короб соединяются.

Knowledge on the independent installation of interior doors help not only to save, but also to get real pleasure from the results of their work.