Hypsum plasterboard ceiling installation technology

When installing the ceiling made of drywall, the most important thing is to correctly and reliably install the frame. It is on this that not only the appearance of the finished ceiling, but also the safety of the inhabitants of the house will depend on this.  An equally important factor is the coating of the roof. Before making a decision regarding the “roof clothes”, visit the roofing store. Good coating and good tool in total give an excellent roof. For the base of the frame for a simple single -level ceiling, a special aluminum profile is usually used.

On the wall, using a level, a marking line is drawn for installing a guide. The line is drawing around the entire perimeter of the walls. If the beginning and edge of the line ultimately coincided, then everything was done correctly.

The guide profile is attached to the wall with dowels. After, on the ceiling, lines for the main profile are drawn, every 40 cm. On these lines at a distance of 50 cm, drawings for fasteners are drawn. Fasteners are also attached to the ceiling with dowels.

The main profile is first put on the guide profile, and is carefully brought to the desired marking line. The protruding edges of the fasteners are bent and fixed and connect everything with each other with the help of special “bugs”.

In the course of all work, it is necessary to ensure that the structures remain even in one plane. For this, a long building level is used. When the frame is ready, you can start installing the drywall sheets themselves.