How we dressed in the 90s

Each era had its own fashion, its own style of clothing. The nineties were quite peculiar time. On fashion trends, the post -Soviet space was reflected very much.

How we dressed in the 90s

Then the clothes of excessively bright colors were very popular, you can even call them acidic. Almost everyone wore leggings with a tint in tight – they sparkled in the sun. Fastless Turkish sweaters were also popular. Unisex style clothing is characteristic of the 90s, often the differences between female and male outfits were extremely insignificant.

Although it was these years that brought clothes in our present life in a business style. Women’s business suit is a vivid example of clothes of the 90s, just not familiar to everyone a suit with a skirt, but a suit with trousers.

The style of clothing, which was popularly called “Besteri”, is also a direction of development of fashion trends in the nineties. They called this style this way because then clothes were very fashionable, reminiscent of underwear: dressing dresses, tops-matches.

Another trend of those times can be called a sweater from Angora, which was abundantly decorated with beads and simple beads. Then it was impossible to imagine life without jeans Varenks. Ladies always wore rainbow hair elastic bands, they loved the rubber bands.

How we dressed in the 90s

In the 90s, everyone had the same clothes, no one wanted to do without a denim jacket or shirt – this clothes could be worn in any place. Ladies chose incredible shoes, on a tall platform. Skirt -School – also an attribute of fashionistas of those near times.

Bologna’s “stuffy” jackets wore in winter, there were boots the same. The larger the jacket was, the more fashionable the image looked.

Sports suit is generally a separate conversation. He could be worn in the most unexpected places. Although the main company was the main company – mainly Adidas and Montana were chosen, of course, no one thought about the originality of the product then.

But for the male half of humanity, then they didn’t come up with anything new: a tracksuit, a boar, a Turkish sweater – it was enough for a guy to create a stylish image. Sweaters were tucked into trousers. Popular raspberry jacket is perhaps the eternal attribute of the nineties.

It is difficult to understand the nineties and then fashion, for this one must understand the difficult time in which people were forced to live. Then everyone wanted a bright and fashionable life, because total poverty reigned everywhere.