How to wean employees to be late

Job: One boss asks another:

– Listen, share a secret why your company employees are never late?

– You see, I have 50 people on the staff, and only 40 parking spaces.

You are familiar with the situation when an employee is late, who should conduct negotiations or serve an important client of the company? Of course I am familiar! And this situation is no exception, because the problem with delay is relevant in many organizations.

Let’s figure out why workers are late and how to solve this problem.

How to wean employees to be late

In most cases, the reason for the delay is banal and non -original – “overslept”, “stuck in traffic”, “took the child to the kindergarten”. The female team usually “forgets” to turn off the iron or plate. Constant delays force your subordinates to come up with more and more original stories, but labor discipline continues to be limited. What to do and what to do with guilty?

Gingerbread or whip

To punish or not is your business. But you must fight late. You can not endlessly forgive violators, listening to their endless excuses. After all, such an irresponsible attitude to the working graphics will be perceived by your employees, for granted. And even the most disciplined workers, in the end, will also begin to ignore the rules and come to work when they please. The result is low labor productivity and constant violation of discipline.

Execute, you can not have pardon

Many believe that effective management of people is impossible without punishment. The “whip” is remembered much better than the “gingerbread”, this is true. You can deprive the guilty bonuses, subtract part of the money from wages. Most likely it will work – late will stop. But do not forget that your wards will perform only the amount of work for which you pay them. But if suddenly it is necessary to work overtime and superpowers, no one will voluntarily agree to such a feat. As a result, the “fighting spirit” falls from the employees, there is no motivation, the staff turnover rises.

How to wean employees to be late

Examples of negative motivation are quite common – almost every enterprise has a certain system of fines and penalties. But, according to statistics, the effect of “punishment by the ruble” appears only in 20% of cases, and in the remaining 80% does not bring the proper result. At the same time, the system of incentives and remuneration improves the performance of personnel efficiency in 95% of cases.

How to find the “golden mean” – a creative approach

In practice, most often, the leadership resorts to extremes – either prohibit everything, or let everything in! In the first case, you will become a sort of evil Karabas-Barabas for your team, in the second-they will just sit on your head. Therefore, in solving this problem, you need to look for effective methods, while neither with gingerbreads is overdoed, nor with a whip.

How to wean employees to be late

First of all, the topic of delay should be made to discuss the entire team. Discuss with your subordinates the true causes of delay, analyze the consequences. Do not heat up the situation. Try to approach the problem creatively, include the element of the game in its solution.

Conduct a survey of your employees on the topic: “What do you agree to do if you are late again?»Options can be, for example, the following:

Invest a certain amount of money in the “penalty piggy bank” for the late workers;

Replace the courier per hour-rush;

Work longer by 1 hour;

Take control of the presence of coffee and tea in the office, order of dinners;

Do public work (wipe dust, water flowers, etc.D.)

When compiling questions, show fantasy, invite your subordinates to make your own answer. Analyze the answers with your staff, find a compromise in solving the problem. Employees will react to this approach with understanding, loyally and respectfully. At the same time, you will not become a jadine and an exploiter in their eyes trying to earn money at the expense of guilty. Everything is honest and fair, no one is offended.

How to wean employees to be late

Together with the team, decide how to distribute money from the “penalty” of the fund and for what goals you can use it with benefit. There are many options – a collective trip to the cinema or theater, excursion trip, and t.D. You can buy various prizes and gifts for future corporate holidays. Well, if there is not so much money in the “penalty” piggy bank, you can just order pizza for all or buy a cake.

In any case, the key to solving this problem can be found without resorting to extreme measures, but exclusively with the help of psychological impact and motivation.

And always remember – the more attention you will pay your team, putting your soul into your subordinates and delving into their problems, the more loyal and disciplined they will be in the future, and such a problem as delay will disappear once and for all.