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How to wean a child to suck a finger

For many parents, weaning a child to suck a finger is a very serious problem. What methods do not use parents. The child’s fingers smear with garlic and mustard. They tell terrible stories and threaten the baby what can happen to him if he does not stop sucking his finger. In most cases, all widely known methods do not bring the proper result.

First of all, it is necessary to find out the reasons why the baby sucks a finger. Children under the age of a year do this not consciously. Most often we can say that when the baby sucks his finger, he is hungry. This can happen because he was weaned early from his chest and now fed on schedule. For older children, such a habit can say that the baby wants to calm down or sleep. The appearance of such a habit can be caused by a tense atmosphere in the family or the lack of elementary attention.

The habit of a child age older than two years to suck a finger can have unpleasant consequences. Improper teeth growth may occur.

Detection of diction. Curvature of the jaw bones, and then violation of the process of chewing food. In the future, when a child gets into a team in a kindergarten or school will laugh at him, since the habit of putting a finger in the mouth becomes not controlled. Thus, the process of personality formation may be violated.

After clarifying the cause of addiction to sucking a finger, you can proceed to get rid of this habit. It is advisable not to use threats, but to use indirect methods of exposure. It is not so difficult to do this in practice.  First of all, the child should pay more attention and prevent him from being in stressful situations. Take your free time of the child with games where two hands are used.

For example, designer, puzzles, pyramids, draw with paints and sculpt from plasticine. While reading the book, ask the baby to show and comment on the pictures. Tarling a child to the regimen of the day can also help get rid of the habit of sucking a finger. Constancy usually soothes and gives confidence to the baby. Watch the child if the baby pulls the pen to his mouth, immediately occupy him with the game with the use of fingers. The more the child is busy during the day, the faster and stronger he sleeps, without even requiring a finger. Show persistence, and gradually the child will forget about this unpleasant habit.