How to use credit cards correctly

The trust of the bank, the client of which you are, is expressed in the amount of credit funds that he provides you. This value depends on many reasons: on the presence of unpleasant moments in your credit history, on the level of your personal and family income, from the availability of valuable property and from the availability of people who are ready, in front of the bank, to entrust you with. In this regard, a credit card is to some extent an analogue and an alternative to a consumer loan.

How to use credit cards correctly

In Russia, the practice of using the population of credit cards is actively developing. The number of credit cards issued every day is growing and is already about 60 million. The total number of credit cards issued in the world has long exceeded 15 billion.

Advantages of credit cards

As in the case of a loan, the bank will charge the agreed percentage for using a credit card. But the owners of credit cards have the opportunity to avoid paying interest. To do this, you need to have time to return the borrowed money in a certain time. This service is called graris-period. The period can be from 20 to 50 days.

Compared to cash, a credit card is a compact, convenient and most importantly, profitable purchase for you. There are not many places left in the world where credit cards have not yet been accepted to pay for services and goods. Your savings on a credit card at the time of crossing the border no longer have to declare. Being abroad, you do not have to think about the exchange of money for local currency.

The bank will do everything for you when calculating, if you have this service. The owners of credit cards are waiting for many pleasant moments in the form of gifts, bonuses and discounts, from companies in partnerships with the bank.

How to use credit cards correctly

These are discounts on their goods and services, and free train tickets and planes, and invitations to various events, and gift certificates and all kinds of prizes. In the case of loss, or, the theft of the card, it is easy and fast, you can block by sending one SMS or making one call to the bank.

How to get and how to use

Bank requirements for the provision of a credit card do not differ from well -known requirements for providing a loan, with the exception of several points. So, in Moscow, to issue a credit card, it will be necessary to provide a certificate in the bank that your monthly income exceeds 15 tons.R.

In other regions of Russia, this bar is reduced to 10 tons.R. Instead, you can also provide the bank with information about the availability of a personal car you have.

A credit card can be used to pay for services and goods.

You can withdraw cash, but you can’t transfer money from a card by bank transfer. The money spent can not be returned immediately, but every month you need to pay the bank the established minimum amount. At the same time, interest will be accrued for the amount of debt. Interest will be accrued until the amount of the amount spent completely returned. The minimum payment will be 10% of the debt amount. The bank will set the period in which you need to pay the minimum payment. If you return the entire amount until the end of the billing period, and if the cash from the card has not been withdrawn, the interest is not charged.

The bank charges the commission percentage for the expired payment for excess of the credit limit, also if you remove cash and carry out operations in another currency, or if the card is lost, for its restoration. You can pay debt through bank cash desks or terminals and ATMs in which the function of receiving money is provided.

How to use credit cards correctly

Money can be insured and, in case of theft of it by attackers, return.

All of the above nuances are established when concluding an agreement with the bank.