How to use contact lenses correctly

Poor vision is not only the inability to see objects at a long or near distance, it is also self -doubt, depression and life filled with eternal questions: “What kind of subject is this?”Or” Who greeted it?”.

How to use contact lenses correctly

Usually, when vision, more than -3 or +3 write out glasses with which you can safely look at the necessary objects and focus well in space. Very often women do not wear glasses, worrying about their appearance, it seems to them that the shape of the glasses will hide the beauty of the eyes and will not allow to objectively judge the age. But now there are so many models that they are simply invisible on the face and perfectly emphasize the image of a business woman or a socialite.

But if, after all, glasses interfere with living, but I still want to see well, the purchase of contact lenses will be a great choice.

It must be remembered that contact lenses can write out and select only a doctor who will also tell you about how to care for how much to change and how to put on and remove it, so as not to bring the infection and not damage the eyes.

How to use contact lenses correctly

In addition to the doctor’s recommendations, you need to remember several rules that will help to wear lenses without problems throughout the time.

Always wash your hands before putting on lenses

This is very important, because there are constantly a huge number of microbes on hand, which, having got into the eye, can provoke inflammation.

Change the lenses strictly according to the schedule

It is unacceptable to wear lenses longer than the due date, this is fraught with infection and eye disease.

Use for lenses only a solution to cleanse and storage

You can not use other liquids, even for a while, because they will have either microbes or lime plaque that can damage the lenses and cause harm to the eyes. So, for example, ordinary chlorinated water dries the lenses and deprives from the protective layer that makes the lenses soft and flexible and, in addition, negatively affects wearing, causing discomfort to the eyes, and can provoke bacteria in the eyes.

Immediately remove lenses when the body is detected in the body

This can be a banal cold or a severe case of kidney disease, the main thing to remember is to immediately remove the lenses and use glasses during illness and in no case do not wear old lenses again. Since an infectious disease will immediately give a relapse, due to the fact that bacteria will remain on old lenses.